How to make a Travel Collage


Hello travel enthusiasts!

I love to travel, I would take up any chance to actually. The journey to the airport literally excites me and I find sitting on a plane or car or train or bikes or anything that's not the Hong Kong ferry to Macau, for hours and hours not bad at all. I've even contemplated on becoming a travel consultant/ travel guide / air stewardess to get closer to always being able to travel. 

There's just something about exploring the unknown that intrigues my travel buds. You will probably find me snapping pictures at anything and anyone, my travel companions all think that I'm slightly obsessive and those around me probably think I'm a fanatic tourist.

And I'm always planning my next trip. Always. There's just something about losing yourself in a pond of new people, new culture, new atmosphere that brings along adventures to my travels. I would actually not mind living out of a suitcase.

I always have a travel collage to keep me motivated on my next destination. I've found that having a visual of the places I want to visit, really helps pave a way of getting there. No matter how far you may think you are from exploring the world, your willingness to believe will take you places.

Here's my tips on starting your travel adventures:

  • Stop thinking about where you want to go and start visualizing it instead.
  • Create a travel collage.
  • Visualize. The more you visualize going to that certain place, you'll somehow create opportunities for you to go. 
I create most of my travel collages with a photo app called Pixlr, its free, easy to use, & has sooo many functions, you will definitely have a travel collage in no time. I'll show you how easy it is to make one below:


That's it! use it as your screensaver or print it out and hang it somewhere. This is really easy to create yet so effective to have. Just don't forget to always look at it (:

 I hope you all soar beyond your travel dreams xx

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