Mcarthur Paw Paw Hydrating Facial Cream

This is probably one of my best kept secrets. This facial cream, has really transformed my skin. I’ve used this for a couple of years now and I haven’t found anything better. I don’t think many people know much about it, so I’m going to give it its credit and rave about how amazing this product really is!

My skin history

I have really, really, really sensitive skin. The kind of sensitive that can’t even take Cetaphil. In high school I was recommended to use Cetaphil because it was one of the most known brands for gentle skin care but I, broke out in freaking rashes. That made me extremely cautious in choosing the right type of skin care products to avoid looking like a mad woman with hot flushes.

I also have freckles which makes me look cute weird because I think I’m the only Asian with freckles. What is even up with that?

Also Uni really took its toll on my skin, even though I went pass the acne pubescent stage after high school, through all nighter assignment days and red bull energy drinks, Uni gave me dull, dehydrated and uneven skin tone.

Plus working full time in hospitality, where I was cooking under 180 degrees gas stoves didn’t help my skin either. Sometimes I wonder how I haven't turned into a pimpled beetroot yet, considering the amount of gas, oil and heat waves that my skin has absorbed.

For the record, I didn’t have bad skin but it could’ve been a lot, lot better and this cream has really helped it, it really has and I would love to share it with you guys.

Why is this product so amazing?

This product has really reduced my freckles! I didn’t realize it until looking back at some photos. I’ve also had comments from people who have commented on how I look a lot more radiant. Mind you, I’m probably one of the few Asians that doesn’t mind using non whitening products because I quite like my olive skin.

This cream has also helped in evening out my skin tone, I’ve achieved a healthy glow without BB cream or foundation. I actually don’t look dull even if I feel like a zombie.

 It's clearly one of the best product discoveries of my life. 

Who would I recommend this for?
  • People trying to reduce their freckles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dry & dehydrated skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Those working in hospitality

The main ingredient in this cream is Paw Paw (Papaya), when used along with our skin care regime it aims to soothe & nurture the skin. The protein digestive enzymes found in paw paw helps to decrease skin inflammation and improve the healing of damaged skin cells.

Paw paw is known to be great for burns, acne, freckles and dark pigmentation.

Which is why I would recommend it if you work in a hot environment such as hospitality and those living in hotter climates as this will help to repair and heal any skin injuries, caused from heat, gas and oil conditions you’ve exposed to your skin.

Also on a lighter note, I always love to use products with a positive production. The Aussie creator behind Macarthur to me is a very inspiring philanthropist, he’s spent over 50 years producing his products to help cure health deficiencies such as acne, eczema, arthritis, severe burns and even skin cancer.

You can learn more about his legacy below, it includes many testimonials from other users:

How I use it

Even though it is recommended for day and night use, I don’t use it during the day as I prefer products with SPF for daytime as oppose to this one.

This is my staple night cream, the texture is surprisingly quite light in comparison to the usual heavy cream texture of average night creams. 

I would say this Mcarthur product is between a serum and cream. For those who aren’t familiar with the difference between the two, here’s a brief explanation:

Serums: more water based, lighter weight, liquid like formula. 
Creams: likely to contain oil, is more textured, contain high moisture. 

I do feel that the cream although feels quite light, is still rather concentrated enough to absorb its ingredients into the skin. I apply it to my face and neck before I go to bed and let it work it's magic while I restore and rejuvenate. 

Here's also a recommendation of how you should apply it, this is taken from their website. 

I am currently using it on its own on most nights, but I’ve also found it to be effective with a product used as a layer underneath it or with an overnight mask above it. This is usually for extra moisture and enhancement for extreme skin repair, before a big event or a last minute skin fix. I will go in more details about this in another post.

You can purchase it from here, I don't know if they ship internationally but if you are really wanting to try it and can't get it, contact me and we will work something out! It's an amazing product and I would love for it to benefit you all.

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