Miranda Kerr's Power Morning Shake

I got inspired (again) to kick my health back into shape after watching Miranda Kerr whizz up a nutritious morning shake. Apparently she has this like EVERY MORNING. So I decided for the second time to try and have this everyday for a whole month & see if I morph into another Miranda Kerr haha.

The ingredients aren't cheap but you know its worth it. Kinda makes me cringe seeing that I have attempted this before late last year when I was in my last semester at uni and you know wanted a permanent uplift to life during those crazy assessment days, I don't even know why I thought a drink could somehow change my life in such a miraculous way? But I'm a tad physco like that.

Anyways long story short, I did it once and pretty much screwed up the ingredients and ended up vomiting it down the sink coz it tasted like ass. And pretty much everything expired when I attempted it again this week bahahhaha. Fml.

So yeah attempt number 2020030392392003290, here we go!

This all cost me approx $150
This coconut juice you can get at woolies 
Coconut Milk
Almond Milk
 You can pretty much choose what type of milk you prefer to put in your shake, I switch between coconut & almond. 

Chia Seeds

Maca Powder

Maca Powder is great for improving energy, stamina and memory

Acai Powder

 Acai is antioxidant rich, can increase the metabolism and boost energy.

Cacao Powder
Cacao is probably my favourite nutrient! It's literally chocolate man! helps protect the heart, is high in magnesium, helps with the metabolism, prevents cellular damage & keeps us feeling young and healthy.

Spirulina apparently is good for people who are busy and don't have time for a good meal & those in need of extra nutrients to keep their energy levels going strong. 

Goji Berries
Goji Berries are wonderful for improving eyesight, helps in increasing metabolic rate & is frequently used in Chinese herbal medicine. 

Raw Vegan Protein Powder

Raw Vegan Protein Powder is heart healthy, increases metabolism, creates feeling of fullness, promotes healthy kidney and liver functions  & improves metal clarity

MK Power Shake :)

Tastes kinda funky, I think I'll add more coconut water to dilute it more haha, I'll give this a go for 1 month & see if my complexion and energy levels improves :) x 

P.s this was based for my own personal research.

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