Australis VS Face of Australia

Transluctent powders!

It's like deodorant for your face ahhaah!!

This is a review between these 2 babies

You know what? When I'm doing product reviews I'm just going to get right in! No blab blab about the packaging (unless its like freaking amazing), long ass descriptions about its descriptions and you know all the annoying things I've seen people do with their precious time pointing out how they love the colour of the font and crap. 

Here's to being real & simple. Let's stick with the 5 rule. 

Australis: Ready Set Go Finishing Powder

  1. Extremely white & powdery (NOT GOOD FOR FOTO FLASH)
  2. Can be hard to match with natural skin tone
  3. Great if you want to achieve a more brighter / whiter look
  4. $10-$12 for 7.5g
  5. There's better alternatives for the price & quantity on the market!

Face of Australia: Translucent Powder

  1. Smooths and melts into the tone of my skin really well
  2. Looks really natural
  3. Skin remains oil free for the whole duration of cooking in a 180 degrees atmosphere!
  4. Don't buy if your wanting a more brighter luminous look as this is quite natural looking 
  5. Definitely worth the $12 for 30g package!

Definitely worth it, is Face of Australia but I would give Australis a miss. 


My all time favourite face powder would have to be BRTC"s Jasmine Moist Powder


  1. Achieves a silky, velvet complexion without drying out my skin!
  2. OMG the feeling after being applied is amazing...its so soothing and cooling on the skin
  3. Looks amazing in reality & in photos
  4. I swear it airbrushes my skin out, I can wear this with just sunscreen & it looks amazing!
  5. I got it at Sasa in Hong Kong, but I think you can get it for $39 on the internet

Here's a picture without any filters, so depending on what look your going for? hope this helps in sketching out what these powders look like on my skin :)



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