No more crappy nails!

Just a quick post on how you can make your nails look more pretty!

I'm pretty horrible at nails, especially on my non writing hand.

And when I came across this product:


I now no longer need to suffer from ugly opposite hand nails gone wild syndrome.

Its really easy to use just erase off the ugly edges with the pen.

And woah la! Nail salon worthy nail edges :) hehe

Here's a better picture of mah sexy non smudged nails

You can get the nail corrector pen at most drugstores. Aussie rainbows can get it at Priceline Pharmacy for about $4, its about half of the price of other brands on the market.

I WAS SO HAPPY WITH IT THAT I MAY EVEN START TRYING CRAZY NAIL ART DESIGNS LIKE THESE SOON! (sorry about the caps lock but I'm rather excited now)

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