Beauty Bargain!

Priceline Pharmacy was having an awesome promotion the other day, with every purchase of $60 of selected brands, you would receive a free skin care gift bag worth $220!

Thanks to one of my besties I got in on the deal :)


Instead of spending a minimum of $60, I only ended up spending $20.45 to get ALL of these babies!! but Thanks HBF & Priceline I got products worth over $300 for only a fraction of the price, OMG you've made me feel as though I've gotten the best beauty bargain ever.


So, here's what I got

Body Lotions

I've used the Nivea lotions all the time! Q10 is very moisturizing but I prefer the pure & natural one better it has a fresher smell and lighter application. I haven't used the other three yet but have heard the Vaseline one really helps with dry skin, ooooohhhh myyy gat can't wait to try them all!

Facial/ Body Scrubs

I haven't used any of these but am very excited to use Skin Radiance's gel mask and Down to the pores mud mask, I'm not too keen on biore though, I remember using one of their facial cleansers back when I was a teenager and it really made me breakout? but then again my skin is just too freaking sensitive and thats probably the period of my life when hormones started growing lol, gurrrrrlll was that nasty.

Facial Creams

To be honest, I'm worried about trying new facial creams...as my skin turns into a bubbled tomato whenever I try something new but that aveeno positively radiant eye illuminator looks quite sexy.

Facial Masks

OMG can't wait to use these under eye & neck masks, oooolala lifts and brightens? 

Facial Wipes

I don't know why? but I really hope the Yes to blueberries wipes smell like blueberries and the Swisspers cucumber wipes don't smell like cucumbers :/

Lip Balms

I've always been a nivea girl but can't wait to use chapstick's sunscreen lip balm & Palmers sunscreen sticks!

Makeup Brushes

AHHH, I've been wanting to get these real technique brushes for a awhile! but since I don't even use my mac brushes I've been hesitant on buying another bunch of brushes. But oh what the heck, my cousin keeps on raving about how awesome they are! BTW they are on sale at priceline atm for 15% off entire range :) hi5 to me for basically getting them for free though!!!!

Other goodies

I've heard that the doctor lewins bio care oil is like an alternative to bio oil? Nude's toner looks pretty enticing too? being all "naturally sourced ingredients". I use Avene's spring water mist all the time, after a shower and after application of facial products. Sometimes I wonder am I really paying more than $20 for a bottle of water -_-" but then its from France right? everything from France seems to be legit and pretty and so so right :) 

Can you believe I got all of this worth $340.45 for only $20.45!!! Wooohooo

I guess looking after your inner and outer health has its bargains! Thank you HBF & PRICELINE :)

P.S I feel like that lady from the IKEA ADS lol!

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