Perfume That Turns Heads

I'm really attracted to a way a person smells. Like if someone looks like shit and still smells nice, I wouldn't really mind. Vice versa? that would annoy the crap out of me. My mama started me early with perfume, she always used to spray it on us even when we were toddlers. We smelt like a bunch of roses with the hint of baby poop. She's a real lady my mama. I think my love of beauty came from her. And perfume? I have a full 3 cake tier collection of it.

I've gone through probably over 100 different bottles over this lifetime so far, I've bought, been given and am a perfume hoarder. Like I said before "I'd rather look average but smell fantastic", bahahah.

These 3 have really stood out of my collection, and I'll tell you why.

No matter how many different types of perfumes I've come across I've always stuck by my favourite THE ONE BY DOLCE & GABBANA, the gold one OK not the rose, silver etc, just the classic gold. I would strongly recommend this one for anyone. You know how you get some perfume that smells like pepper on old ladies and some other perfumes that smells like you've just shoved cotton candy up your nose or even on rare occasions those perfumes that smell like medication oil? Tiger Balm Eau De Parfum? HAHAH. Well have no fear, Dolce & Gabbana 'The One' does not smell like either.

 Dolce & Gabbana 'The One'

It's lightly sweet, extremely classy, comes across very effortlessly flirty and LASTS FOR AT LEAST TWO DAYS! (well on my skin at least) even after 2 showers daily, I can smell its seductiveness lingering on my skin. AND NO THIS IS NOT AN ADVERT. Real dedicated user here, I've used this since I was 16.

I think its awesome for a job interview or even at board meetings. As it screams this bitch here is a powerhouse yet it is also very glamorous and feminine.

I would also recommend this for dates as it is very sexy and seductive from it's lychee and vanilla notes. My boyfriend likes it, yours better too.

Lastly, I would recommend it for any important event of your life being weddings, proms, birthdays etc. It is definitely a smell with a lasting impression.

 212 VIP Rosé by Carolina Herrera

My current new perfume obsession would have to go to 212 VIP Rosé by Carolina Herrera.

This one isn't as strong as the D & G, but is very fresh and floral. It's very subtle but makes a huge difference. I would recommend this for a daytime winter choice. It's like a warm floral blanket on a cold winters morning. sahhhh nice and fresh.

And the bottle is pretty classy, the lid is magnetic therefore it makes for easy open & close. The glass bottle is quite heavy though so not to good for traveling.

Age group? young, fun & determined. Very chic.

Christian Dior '1947'

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE WAS THE CHRISTIAN DIOR '1947', and I write was because it was a limited edition. I first discovered in Changi airport over 10 years ago and EVERY TIME I stop by in Singapore, silly me still hopes for it to be on the same stand at that same big cosmetic duty free counter in terminal 2.

As much as I love the D & G one, I definitely think CD 1947 is a billion times better. Words can't even explain how amazing it was.Even the limited $250 Gucci in Bloom made for Princess Grace of Monaco doesn't even compare. CD 1947 is definitely irreplaceable...my favorite.

Let me know what you thought about my perfume recommendations & fill me in on if they've satisfied your skin's senses hehe.

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