How to rock an affordable yet goregous Nude Lip

I've been into the nude lips look lately, theres just something about having nude lips that screams sophistication yet raw sexiness to me. I wasn't a fan of it before as I've never expected it to suit me.

I've always loved how it looked on models though, so natural yet sexy.

My biggest nude lip inspiration is Doutzen Kroes she seems to always rock the nude lips beyond perfection, it just looks so neat and effortless on her.

For us Asian ladies I find inspiration in Sui He she's my girl crush at the moment, she looks absolutely damn perfect with her nude lips.

I used to be quite reluctant to try the nude lips as I've never found a shade that suited me, it always looked like I was about to pass out or so freaking cakey that I would take it right off. But recently, I've come across a couple of products that have made nude lips look pretty good on me.

I'm more than happy to share them with you guys, as having a nice shade of nude on your lips can make your overall look so effortless yet sexy.

Lip Liner

This is a very important step, as using a lip liner can help to enhance the shape of your lips making them the size of your preference. And I've found that lining your lips with a nude liner really accentuates a natural pout.

I'm currently loving Revlon's Colour Stay Lip Liner in Rose, I've found that it works well with all different kinds of tones and more importantly gives off a nice natural color that blends well with my nude lipsticks.

Different Types of Nudes

The thing that I love about rocking a nude lip is that, the product doesn't tend to bleed as much and even if it does, it wont be as evident in comparison to a pink or red lippie so you don't have to be worried if you've got discoloration on your the sides of your lips hahah.

So after lining your lips with a nude liner, choose a nude lip that accentuates your skin tone. I've got olive skin so I've tried to steer clear from cooler nudes as they tend to make me look washed out and even a little frost bitten. Warmer nudes in my opinion is an overall safer option. If your a bit afraid of trying a nude lip, I've listed nude swatches from brands that are more affordable.

PS. I didn't edit the colors for my swatches, just taken directly from my iphone with no filter, so that you can benefit from a natural color interpretation :)

NYX Pumpkin Pie

This one is pretty cheap, so If you've never tried a nude lippie I would recommend going for this! its probably under $5, pretty moisturizing and looks great on most skin tones.

Cyber Colors 
Denim Serum Lipstick in '06 Rosy Nude'

I love this one as it is very moisturizing due to having an inbuilt lip balm. It's like a very beautiful 'my lips but better' kinda color. Has a warm tinge of rose and is quite long lasting. I would highly recommend this for everyday use. 

by Kate in 113

I don't really like this one as it has a more cooler tone than the others, meaning that if you have dry lips it will definitely show. This lippie tends to dry up quickly too so you will need to reapply or use a clear lip balm as well. I want to try a very dramatic eye with this lipstick, that might look freaking sexy.

Colorburst Matte Balm in '230 Complex'

This one has a slight orange tinge, its slides on very smoothly and is of course a matte finish. I don't like it though. But it does make the teeth look a little brighter.

Super Stay in '030 Never Ending Nude'

I really like this one as it smells ammmmmaaazing! and tastes nice too haha. The color is of a pinkish bronzey nude, really gorgeous. Quite moisturizing too. Only thing that can be annoying is the glitter residue. 

My favourite one is the Cyber Colors 'Rosy Nude' which I'm rocking in this pic :)

I hope this was helpful :) please let me know if you've tried these and let me know if you have any recommendations

Happy Enhancing xx
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