For Combination to Oily Skin

This product looked amazing on my little cousin & because I was having problems with my T-ZONE in summer I thought I would give this product a try coz I was getting a lil oilllly. I think this one is pretty popular in Australia because of its affordability and Garnier was smart enough to be one of the first companies to introduce BB Creams to the Aussie market.

They do have other BB Creams for normal & sensitive skin, but I've heard it doesn't look as good or have a matte finish like this one.

What's in it?

One of the good thing about this BB Cream is that it mattifys the skin & reduces the appearance of pores. It has the lowest SPF compared to the other BB Creams that I've tried.

One of the main ingredient that stands out to me is that it contains Caffeine, which really helps to reduce dark pigmentation. Caffeine also helps to prevent wrinkles & shrink fat cells, allowing the skin to appear a lot smoother.

My Impression

The texture is very runny, its also very light in texture with a strong ass smell though, like nail polishy, that's probably because of the alcohol content in this product. I don't like that its low in SPF, it only has 15+ which is barely enough for hot summer days. It should ok for winter months though or enough for those sitting in the office all day.

Skin does appear more radiant and matte at the same time. But after a couple of uses, I got pimples. I think its because of its strong alcohol content, that really irritated my skin. Which I don't recommend this product for sensitive skin.

I thought that using a product for combination to oily skin would help my skin when its oily, but it did the opposite. I would recommend powdering the oily sections of your face instead while opting for a product designed for sensitive skin.

Does it Work?
Yeah, for the first use.

It mattefied oily areas.
Reduced appearance of pores.
Is affordable.
But, its far too strong for sensitive skin.
And smells like nail polish.
I don't like it.

Lets leave BB Creams for the Koreans.

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