For Dry & Sensitive Skin.

This has been one of my favorites! I was introduced to this late last year by a cute SaSa girl, who I was bitching to about my jet lagged skin. I remember telling her how I thought that using something that was really light weighted like the CC cream would combat Malaysia's hot & humid weather.

Man was I wrong. My skin was soooooo dry and this really irritated my sensitive skin.

I was recommended the BRTC JASMINE WATER BB CREAM for extreme moisture and its suitability for sensitive skin.

Whats in it?

Triplex function: Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle, UV block SPF +30.

BRTC has this blue science philosophy that's in their products, containing four main ingredients lavender, corn flower, chamomile & borage. 

Lavender: helps to detox, soothe, heal and reduce skin wrinkles.

Corn flower: has an antioxidant that helps to firm tired and itchy skin.

Chamomile: helps to fight acne and breakouts whilst also naturally lighting the skin.

Borage: apparently borage seed oil can be used to decrease extreme PMS symptoms, helps to destress women during that time of the month. HOW INTERESTING hence why one of its main function is to 'soften the skin' lol coz we really need to calm the fuck down during shark week. 

My Impression 

It is quite thick in texture compared to other BB Creams & is pretty light in color. It blends beautifully though and is high in coverage. A little does go a long way with this product. It really does moisturize my skin to the max. I do feel that it brightens up the complexion a bit too and skin feels kinda soft.

Ive found that the high level of coverage helps to hide blemishes whilst also maintaining a soft and moisturized complexion.

I wouldn't recommend this for oily or combination skin though, coz its pretty rich in texture and may get too heavy on your skin.

Does it work?

Very moisturizing.
Sensitive skin approved.
Covers dark eye bags too, I don't really need concealer with this product.
Pretty much a PMS solution for my skin.
Soothes, covers & softens skin from harsh environmental impact.
No wonder why its Korea's #1 selling BB Cream!

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