Which BB cream is for me?

I thought I'll better do a review on BB Creams before I talk about the CC or even DD creams. Or before the whole BB cream phase dies off or even makes a permanent stay in our beauty market.

I remember getting my first ever BB cream about 5 years ago and it’s only been recently that we got into its popularity in Australia within the last year or two, whilst Asia’s probably moved onto EE creams. We’ll probably get our DD Creams in Australian counters by 20000018. We love sloppy seconds her down under. Haha.

Ok, so BB Creams stands for Blemish Balms or Beauty Balms, which aim to be a multifunctional product that can moisturize, prime, provide sun block, treat blemishes and even replace foundations. I personally don’t think they can replace all of these functions, but it can however help to reduce the layers of makeup we put on our faces daily.

To me BB Creams kind of fits the definition between a SPF + tinted moisturizer and a light coverage foundation. I like to have my daily sunscreen as the base then have my BB Cream on top. I’ve found that this has worked the best for my sensitive skin as I can’t use BB Creams on their own coz this will just irritate & dry the shit out of my skin. And for when perspiring, I’ll just powder down my T’Zone area for extra oil control.


I prefer my makeup with high SPF, light in texture and simple so my skin can breathe more naturally during the day. I like that using BB Creams can provide a more natural coverage than foundations and extra care than moisturizer on its own. As you will see in the picture below, my natural skin has faint freckles, using BB Cream covers my dark spots and brightens up my skin. It looks natural and not too cake faced for everyday use.

There are many BB creams here on the market and to make your life a lot easier, I’ve categorized them to fit different skin conditions. Depending on what type of skin you are, the ingredients and functions will vary from one BB Cream to another, so find one that optimizes your beauty. 

I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful xx

Click on the one that's suitable for your skin & it'll give you an in depth review of the product:


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