For Sensitive, Dry & Sun Damaged Skin. 

I was Googling for the best BB Cream for sensitive skin and this one came up as one of the most popular ones. I think half of Asia’s probably knows about it or have even used it. I’ve read other peoples reviews on this and its all been pretty positive.

Skin food is one of the most popular skin care ranges in Asia and is currently one of the leading brands in Korea. Their products are everywhere! I have used most of their masks, scrubs & creams and it’s all been ammmmmmazing for my sensitive skin. Kind of like a better pimped up version of Sukin in Australia.

What’s in it?

This BB cream emphasizes on it Aloe Vera content, Aloe helps to relieve the pain and redness of sunburn and even heal skin blemishes. Aloe helps in hydrating the internal skin’s sun damaged area whilst also moisturizing the outer layer of our skin. So basically its hydrating and moisturizing ingredients conceal and nourish our skin simultaneously.

Aloe is suitable for sun damaged and blemish prone skin as its soothing particles helps to cool and prevent skin irritation. This BB Cream is very, very suitable for sensitive and sun damaged skin.

My Impression

The texture is reallllly smooth, not sticky at all. Its blends really well and gives off a nice sheer finish. The coverage is between light and medium but is also very buildable. This is probably one of my favorite ones, as it gives you a “my skin is naturally glowing” kinda feel.

I’ve used it at night too when I can’t be bothered with foundation and I personally feel it’s a better option when your wanting something that adds a nice glow but also allows your skin to breathe a lot more.

I’ve also used this one when my face was a little sunburn and it didn’t irritate my skin at all, it was very soothing to my skin. I always used this as a better alternative to my usual face products when I get sunburn on my face.

But because it’s light coverage and if you’ve got prominent pimples & dark spots it will be visible, I would totally recommend the Jasmine BB Cream instead.

Does it work?

Yes, definitely.
Suitable for dry, sensitive & sun damaged skin.
Leaves a healthy glow.
Moisturizes without sticky residue.
Very soothing.
Light texture. 

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