Best Hair Mask For Coloured & Damaged Hair


I have to confess that I have not had my natural hair color since I was 11, now that was over a decade ago. Just recently, I've noticed my hair to be really weak. I think its due to going blonde again, the bleach has really stripped my hair down. Its a lot harder to brush, before I could go days without brushing my hair and it wouldn't be knotty but now the dry ends are more abrasive to get through and brushing just causes breakage.

So I've started to invest on some intense hair therapy and that means doing lots of hair treatments, especially experimenting with different hair masks. I've been lucky to find some amazing masks that have worked beautifully on my hair, with products to suit all budgets. Enjoy xx

This is what my hair looks like at the moment, no filter on the photo either. Pretty awesome hey? :)

Now, onto the magic treatments...

Kerastase Nutritive Thick Masque

One of my girls recommended the Kerastase Nutrivive, and man it really works! Once you put it on, its like hay straws turning into silk. It made a big difference to my hair. I couldn't even brush my hair before and now with the use of this mask, my hair is soft again and looks healthy.

There's two types for this mask, I use the thick hair one. My hair isn't thick but because of the damage, I got the thick mask for extra nourishment.

This mask is a little pricey but totally worth it.

Price: $50-$60

My tip: If your in Australia, head to Maurice Meade and sign up for their "M" membership you'll get 10% off Keraste Products.

Tony & Guy Reconstruction Mask

I would also recommend this mask from Toni & Guy, this one has a really nice smell and does soften the hair. This mask apparently helps to "deeply nurture and condition hair from inside the hair fibre for advanced repair. Hair is left with intense nourishment while feeling soft and looking shiny." 

However I do find that this is not as rich and moisturizing in comparison to the Kerastase but it can be used as a cheaper alternative.

Price: $10-$20 

KAO Essential Nuance Airy Hair Mask

I also really love KAO Essential Nuance Airy Hair Mask, this is from the Asian market. This hair mask claims to:

I personally feel this one works better than the Toni & Guy and is a lot cheaper too. It smells amazing and leaves hair feeling bouncy and soft. I also love their range of shampoo and conditioners, very affordable and effective but living in Australia you end up paying double for what is in Asia, so I definitely think I'll be using more form KAO when I move to Singapore.

Price: $10-$15

My tip: whilst using hair masks especially when I'm in the shower, during rinsing I brush it out with a comb so when I get out of the shower my hair is tangle free and easier to quickly brush and style.  

DIY Egg & Coconut Oil Mask

A natural alternative, that also works well is mixing one egg with coconut oil to make a hair mask. This doesn't smell as nice but is as moisturizing as the Kerastase and also a lot lot cheaper to maintain. Watch the video below on how to make it :)

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any hair secrets xx

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