It's really my middle name. Twenty something. Owned my first business at 17. I have a Marketing and Business Law Degree with sexy grades.

I freaking love beauty products & all things girly wirly. Film production is definitely where my heart is. But secretly...I would love to join the army or be a sky soaring pilot.

I'm an advocate Nutella eater, I get really emotional watching people hug at airports...and I think I  have OCD.

I feel violated that you already know so much about me.

Why do you post about beauty, fashion and lifestyle?

Beauty to me is like a magical transparent umbrella, where you can use the help of products to shield away the self conscious feelings that you have, through self perceived storms OR choose to let in a beaming sunlight of self love, by exploring different methods to enhance what you already have. 

Whilst fashion itself to me is like an endless medium of self expression, I really love that it's an accessory in life that tells a story, a mood, a statement. Style to me is an individual forte, something everyone can excel in, no one should limit the way you choose to express your story, your mood, your statement.

So why another Lifestyle blog? 

I want to be that someone who's taken that risk, to go beyond social expectations and do my own crazy thing, without having to do that boring lifeless thing before I can enjoy this amazing thing (called life), some where along the line I just want to do my own crazy shit that I've always wanted to do, to just live my life according to me and fulfill the dreams I've always wanted to live.

I used to be overly planned, overly worked, overly decisive and overly everything you can think of, but some how lacking in everything in just being happy to be me. SO I've decided to finally start DOING, WEARING, GOING, SEEING, EXPRESSING and LOVING whatever the eff I want!

Honey, I hope you are too :)

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